Social Responsibility & Conscious Business


Social Responsibility & Conscious Business

There’s a growing movement that believes business can serve what’s best about humankind.  Kaliday is a part of that movement. Social responsibility and conscious business practices can easily become a part of everything you do. We work with organizations and companies to implement specific techniques to grow their awareness and find opportunities for them to become more socially responsible, and act more mindfully: quickly and easily.

If you would like us to work with you to implement Conscious Business tenets, you have several options!

  • Attend a Conscious Business Roundtable
  • Subscribe to my Wednesday newsletter, Over the Hump.  It will bring you tips on getting over the hump and finishing your week strongly, all with a mindful focus.
  • Work with Kaliday on your business.  We can help you:
    • Assess the current level of consciousness and social responsibility
    • Understand which changes are most profitable* for your business
    • Create goals and projects to serve your vision, and execute them
    • Define specific initiatives to achieve your goals, with measurement
    • Understand what’s working and how to improve what could be better

*That’s a broad definition of profit: employee and customer loyalty, strong reputation and market presence, foundational systems to support long-term growth, and oh yes, financial profits.